Sunday, April 23, 2006

BIOS error signals

During inclusion of a computer the sound signal is always audible, but sometimes it is more, than a lonely signal. You what is it? Ask, and the answer will be not pleasant - there was a problem with hardware. This signal publishes BIOS, and values of signals are resulted in tables below:




- *

Power Supply is out of order

2 short

Clock memory error

3 short

Error in first 64kb of memory

4 short

System timer error

5 short

CPU is out of order

6 short

Keyboard controller is out of order

7 short

Motherboard is out of order

8 short

VGA card is out of order

9 short

Test BIOS error

10 short

Can not write to CMOS

11 short

Motherboard cache memory is out of order

1 long + 2 short

VGA card is out of order

1 long + 3 short


1 long + 8 short

The monitor is not connected.




2 short

little errors**

3 short

Keyboard conroller error

1 long +1 short

Memory error

1 long + 2 short

VGA card is out of order

1 long + 3 short

Keyboard initialization  error

1 long + 9 short

Read error from ROM

short, recurrent

Power Suplly is out of order

long, recurrent

Memory problem


Power Suplly is out of order

* - a absence of any signal.

** - Problem in CMOS Setup or motherboard.

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Anonymous said...

Absence of a signal (and no display) can also be caused by processor damage (or power supply damage resulting in the CPU not starting), because SOMETHING must run the BIOS checks and provide error signaling in the first place...