Sunday, December 24, 2006

Maximum URL length in HTTP request.

Previously, there were limitations on the maximum length of URL - 256 characters.
But now, in HTTP 1.1 length of URL is 2,083 characters.
Limiting only to GET. For POST a length is not limited.


equazcion said...

There is really no universal maximum URL length. The max length is determined only by what the client browser chooses to support, which varies widely.

The 2,083 limit is only present in Internet Explorer (all versions up to 7.0).

The max length in Firefox and Safari seems to be unlimited, although instability occurs with URLs reaching around 65,000 characters.

Opera seems to have no max URL length whatsoever, and doesn't suffer instability at extremely long lengths.

enfer said...

a script are present on to break down the maximum url length and it is compatible with all browser version

you can also send an unlimited serialized string length

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blogger remaja said...

how the maximum current at http request browsers open web pages