Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Event Log Explorer

The small freeware utility for monitoring and the subsequent analysis of the events which have been written down in system log of operational systems of family Windows NT (NT/2000/XP/2003). It is called to expand functionality of built in component Event Viewer from OS and to add new opportunities its Interface it is extremely simple, divided for convenience into two windows. In left the tree of magazines (by default in Windows XP them three is displayed: for appendices, safety and system), and in right - tables with brief data on events, somehow: date, time, a code of event, a source and other. The arrangement of windows in the right half is limited by nothing, it is possible to look through simultaneously set of logs without restrictions. Probably to organize the selected lists for the separate computers connected through removed access on a network. Functions archiving old logs are supported, there is an advanced system of a filtration by various criteria and text search, and also the expanded functions of a press and export to various formats (HTML, TXT or in Excel). The program is very useful, as by means of it it will be much easier (unlike a standard browser of events Windows) to trace failure of this or that appendix, systems or the driver.
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