Sunday, October 21, 2007

Full guide to create Installer class in VS.Net 2005

6 pages of amazing guide by explains all point of deployment project and include follow parts:

  • Requirements 
  • Terminology
  • How to create an Installer Class
  • Un-written rules
  • Unpleasent features
  • Using these events (about Installer Class events)
  • Using the Commit event to change the target directory permissions.
  • Using the Uninstall event to clean the target directory
  • Where is the "NT AUTHORITY\SERVICE" account coming from?
  • Exceptions and Exception handling in your installer class.
  • Adding user interfaces (forms) to your installer class.
  • Launching your application after installation.
  • Conclusions.
  • References.

To read "Visual Studio 2005 Setup and Deployment Installer Classes and Custom Actions" CLICK HERE

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