Saturday, December 25, 2010

Log Viewer Pro

Many years I’m use the best file manager Total Commander (Windows commander in the past). In the home site was found link to the site which include additional plugins and utilities. But I would  present only one very usability utility – Log Viewer Pro.  Current application dedicated to viewing logs and available to using in every text file . Every level of Log may be define in different color, a program is free (for home users) and not required install.


Main features of viewer:
Fast scrolling, eats low memory.
Supports any file size (4 Gb and larger).
Multitabbed interface.
Auto-reload file, Follow tail mode.
Allows to highlight some lines (e.g. "errors", "warnings").
Allows to view encodings: ANSI, OEM, Unicode LE, Unicode BE etc.
File search (both forward and backward).

Download here.

Size: 650 KB
Author: Alexey Torgashin

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